Ships repairing

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Our company provides ship repairing services considering with RMRS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) CFC like sub-contractor and for ships with DWAT 2000 tons like main-contractor.

- Conversion, modernization and repair of items of technical supervision (ships, hull structures, ship equipment, products, etc.)
- Repair, manufacture and installation of ship's metal structure
- Repair and testing of cargo hatchway and other closing appliances of ship's hull, superstructures and deck houses - Repair and testing of ship's cargo handling gear
- Repair of ship's systems and pipelines
- Repair and testing of ship's arrangements and deck's machinery
- Repair of steering gear and shafting arrangements
- Repair of ship's engines and machinery
- Repair and recovery of the details of the ship's mechanisms (with the method of spray coating; with the method
of surfacing by welding)
- Protective coating on ship's structures


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JETGUN ™ is a complex surface preparation "blasting" and metallization technology combined in one equipment manufactured by our company.

JETGUN ™ technology is especially effective in the preparation of metal surfaces with a critical level of rust in combination with layers of old paint, oils, sealants and high humidity. Practice has proven the high efficiency of this method in the construction and repair of bridges, pipelines, oil storage facilities, gas tanks, industrial equipment, metal structures, ports infrastructures, ship repair and shipbuilding.

JETGUN ™ thermo-spraying technology is optimal for applying anti-corrosive coatings to large-sized steel structures at their locations, both in industrial areas with the presence of electricity and compressed air, and autonomously, in situ during their installation or repair.

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